Flownex® SE simultaneously solves mass, momentum and energy in conjunction with two-phase fluid properties for system models. This makes it ideal for modelling supercritical CO2 cycles where key design parameters can be analyzed and optimized.


With pressure on industries to move to zero emissions, a strong focus has been put on the research and development of hydrogen applications for decarbonization. The European Union, and others for example, want to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. One way of doing this is to implement technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity. Green Hydrogen, where renewable energy is used to generate hydrogen from water using a process called electrolysis, is one of the main sources of carbon free energy currently being researched.



sCO2 power cycles are still in the early stages of development and therefore many different cycle layouts are being considered. Designers are looking for a balance of efficiency, controllability and cost. Flownex® contains a library of all the components you need to build different cycle layouts and allows you to evaluate them under varying operating conditions.


The component library in Flownex® extends beyond components in the power cycle and allows users to model auxiliaries in the system as well. Flownex® is capable of modeling cooling water systems, lubrication systems as well as turbine secondary flow paths.


Flownex contains a comprehensive control library of analog and digital control components that allows users to create a complete virtual control system in the same software tool that simulates the flow. Flownex also provides integration with Matlab and Simulink for users more comfortable with control system design in these tools. This gives users the ability to test control philosophies, determine the optimal transducer locations for fast and stable control of the plant as well as tune PID controllers in a virtual plant environment.


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