If you’re interested in mastering the use of Flownex® software, we offer online training on Teachable. With Flownex® training, you can learn how to simulate fluid systems, optimize performance, and reduce costs. Don’t wait, sign up today and empower yourself to design and optimize fluid systems with Flownex®!

Basic training is free for all students, and you can register as a student to access the coupon code link.


Enabling Engineers Everywhere

Flownex® offers a powerful engineering software tool that enables engineers to predict, design and optimise for; flow rates, pressures, temperatures, and heat transfer rates in any fluid system. 

With Flownex®, you can design and optimize closed and open loop flow and heat transfer systems with any amount of branching flows (diverging and converging), inlets, and outlets. The software can be used for a wide range of systems, including ventilation systems, water and gas distribution systems, boiler designs, and complete power generation cycles.


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