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FLOWNEX SE 8.12.7 (2021)

The latest release of Flownex® for 2021 comes with much anticipated enhancements and fixes to ensure that you can do even more with real world systems simulation.

Some of these include the option to initialise the steady state solver from a previously saved snap, specifying transient actions through tables, python link functionality. With the support of Adobe Flash having come to an end we have updated our video tutorials to now work with HTML5.


Start Steady State from Previous Conditions

A steady state solve can now be initialised from conditions from any saved snap. The user can use this to initialise a steady state solution from a previous steady state solution or from a transient run.

The setting can be activated on the Flow Solver Properties Inputs window, where the related snap can be selected, as seen in Figure 1.

Fig. 1 - Initialise Steady State from Snap Option in Flow Solver Inputs

Action Specifications via Tables

A table can now be used to specify the value of an input at a specified time in an action. The table allows the user to copy and paste data from Excel. Values will be extrapolated if the time values fall outside the range specified in the table.

Fig. 2 - Table Input Option in Actions

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials in the Flownex® startup page that used Adobe Flash has been replaced by HTML5 videos. This was necessitated by Adobe not supporting Flash since 1 January 2021.
Fig. 3 - Flownex Video Tutorials


Caesar II Link

  • The handling of structural only rigids with the CAESAR II importer has been improved. They are now ignored and not imported at all.

Global Parameters

  • The way global parameters are handled with snaps has been improved. The values will be read in from a snap. The number of parameters and the number of associated properties (as well as which properties are associated) will not be changed when reading in a snap.

Python Link

  • The Python API files now contains a function that allows the user to run the Flownex® Designer using Python.

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Added an improved default Finned Tube Heat Transfer calculation example script for the Finned Tube Heat Exchanger – Fin Side.
  • The description of the input “Tube pass length” has been changed to clarify that this input represents the total primary flow path length.

License Borrowing

  • The maximum number of days a license can be borrowed, as specified in the server license file, is now indicated on the Borrow License dialog, rather than the default 28 days.
Fig. 4 - Number of Days to Borrow License from Server

Energy Solver Convergence Enhancement

  • The warnings associated with node temperature changes were enhanced to facilitate the identification of the non-converged node.
  • An option was added to the Flow Solver settings to exclude nodes with temperature changes as a result of very small mass flows in its associated flow element.
Fig. 5 - Apply Mass Flow Rate Threshold to Transient Temperature Change Residual


Excel Reporting

  • Fixed the problem where the option to “open in Excel” sometimes opened multiple copies of the Excel template.

Parameter Display

  • Fixed the problem where the parameter display did not work correctly during transient, which sometimes caused the application to terminate.

Heat Transfer Correlations

  • Fixed the problem where a warning was shown when the Gnielinski correlation was used that stated that the roughness used in the correlation is different from the Pipe roughness, even when the user specified the option that the roughness from the Pipe should be used.

Isentropic Head Compressor

  • Updated the maximum number of constant speed curves (61 to 101), data elements in a row (61 to 101) and constant blade angle maps (31 to 51) for the Isentropic Head Compressor Chart.

Variable Speed Pump

  • Fixed the pump shut down speed option that did not execute correctly.
  • Fixed the unit problem with pump shut down speed.

Slurry Flow

  • Fixed the vertical slurry frictional pressure drop calculation, which used the mixture density instead of fines density.


  • Changed the two-phase Bend gross secondary loss factor to display results without multiplication factors.

Flow Path Graph

  • Fixed the bug where the unit of a plotted line item is not removed when the Property is changed to a unitless property.


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