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1D system simulation software packages are easy to use and have fast solving times, however, they don’t always contain all the features needed in system simulations.

3D CFD packages become necessary in systems with components that contain complex 3D flow geometry that cannot be characterised in one dimension or in systems where three dimensional flow results are required.

However, simulating an entire system in 3D is often incredibly computationally expensive and a hybrid 1D-3D simulation is ideal. Flownex® SE can link directly with other components in Workbench which allows users to run co-simulations where Flownex® SE and any ANSYS fluid dynamics tool (Fluent, CFX, etc.) can solve the 1D and 3D flows respectively and exchange information at the boundaries.
Times available:
March, 7 | Tuesday | 07:00 SAST / 13:00 SAST / 17:00 SAST
This functionality provides the best of both worlds with reduced solving times due to the majority of the system being solved in Flownex® SE while also containing the high detail and accuracy of a 3D fluid dynamics simulation.

Flownex® SE also adds value to structural simulations and can be used to transfer 1D flow results to a FEA simulation package such as ANSYS Mechanical.

In this webinar we shall discuss some examples which are ideal for a hybrid 1D-3D simulation and showcase how Flownex can be used with ANSYS products to maximise the efficiency of your simulations.

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