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Finding ways to increase temperatures at the combustor exit is essential in maximising the efficiency of gas turbines. However, higher operating temperatures put the integrity of the high-pressure turbine components at risk since these temperatures exceed the melting points of turbine blade materials.

To combat this, turbine blade designs incorporate cooling flows that remove heat from the blades and shield the blades from the high-temperature combustion products. This process involves bleeding cool air from the compressor stage, diverting this air to the internal chambers of the blades and discharging it through small holes in the blade walls. This removes heat from the internal chambers of the blade as well as providing a thin, cool insulating layer along the surface of the blades. 

Times available:
April, 11 | Tuesday | 07:00 SAST / 13:00 SAST / 17:00 SAST

In this webinar we shall discuss the different considerations in the design of turbine blade cooling flows and showcase how Flownex can be used to model this.

We shall focus on using the Flownex Rotating Flow library to model the cooling flows and use ANSYS Mechanical coupled to Flownex to study the temperature distribution and stresses in the blade.

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